The Evolution Of Music

        Music has been central to human culture since the beginning of time. To understand how we listen to music now, we have to go back. Way back! Over time, advancements in technology has allowed greater accessibility … Continued

Why corporate videos are more relevant than ever

In an increasingly digital world we all have to process a vast amount of information littering the internet. In a web littered with text-based blogs and websites, images, animations and scrolling parallaxes it becomes increasingly hard to stand out as … Continued

Gracenote Launching Rhythm Curation App

If you’ve not heard of Gracenote, it’s the world leader in entertainment data and technology which has been operating for over a decade. It provides a free online service allowing users to see complete track, album details and more when … Continued

DIY CD Design Pitfalls

Top 10 most common pitfalls for do-it-yourself CD/DVD designs 1. Low-resolution images and photos For printing a minimum of 300 dpi is required. This means when scanning an image scan it at least 300 dpi, and when using a digital … Continued

The future of portable data storage

These days every man and his dog has a USB stick. We have either been provided one by our employer, presented one as a gift by a client, or bought one because their so damn convenient. These days they often … Continued

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is largely known as, is the process of improving a company’s rank on search engines like Google in order to increase traffic to it’s website. It is the combination of free website submissions … Continued

CD/DVD replication or duplication – What is the difference?

There are two main ways you can “burn” or copy a CD/DVD; duplication or replication. So what really is the difference between the two processes and which option will better suit your requirements? Duplication Timing is the main key deciding … Continued

Credit Card USB drives

This week I spied my first business card USB drive sample. What a product! Unlike the some what unsightly CD & DVD business cards which never really looked like a business card because of the gaping whole in the centre … Continued

You Tube Private Channel Creation as an adjunct to linear corporate DVD distribution

Competing Australian DVD replication businesses would be well advised to offer free video upload on private You Tube channels when completing DVD duplication consignments for their loyal corporate clients. Obviously this would only be possible when the media being distributed … Continued

USBs are the future of portable data storage..for now!

USB’s, those small flash drives we’re all familiar with, are beginning to slice into the corporate demand for CD and DVD duplication. Why is this occurring? There are a number of reasons for this which are worthwhile exploring. 1. They … Continued

Business Card vs Business Card CD

Printed Business Cards have only 2 sides for the user to sell themselves, where as a business card CD/DVD the user has 40-185mb to load full of information, video, photo’s, hyperlinks, product samples – you name it. Which one would … Continued

Marketing through USB Drives

Universal Serial Bus, ‘USB’, ‘Flash Drive’ or ‘Thumb Drive’ as we may know them, are the fastest growing mode of storing and transferring data and are becoming the next big thing in marketing. USB Drives (sometimes known as Flash Drives) … Continued

Fingerprint USB Drive Secure Storage from DiskBank

With our increasingly mobile lifestyle, USB storage Drives are fast becoming an essential and convenient accessory. With their small size and portability comes the increased risk of loss or theft, a fact which is unfortunately becoming more common. It’s a … Continued

Custom moulded USB drives

As the progression of digital media continues, it’s been interesting to see demand move in a direction we didn’t predict. We’ve been delivering blank and duplicated media since 1995 when the 3 1/2 inch floppy disc had taken the mantle … Continued

CD and DVD Printing Methods

CD and DVD duplication and replication almost always goes hand in hand with the requirement for disc printing. The day of the sticky label printed and attached to the disc face is well and truly over, despite recent advances in … Continued

Archiving your videos and films

As one of Australia leading film and video transfer facilities, we receive requests from customers to convert their pricelist video and film footage to DVD on a daily basis. Whilst we have no problem offering this service and will continue … Continued

Scanning photos from Film rather than Prints

As a father of 3 small but fast growing children, the importance of recording their development and childhood for future is regularly on my mind. Fortunately in the age of digital photography, the issues is easy with high resolution digital … Continued

WAM Song of the Year 2009 Winners

The 2009 WAM song of the year saw local band Umpire come away with the the coveted award. DiskBank are proud to again provide a 500 CD package for the winners. Below is a complete list of the winners. PUBLIC … Continued

Blu-ray duplication and replication questions

It was a relief when the format war between HD and Blu-ray was finally settled in early 2008, but where do we stand almost two years down the track? In many ways, the growth in Blu-Ray sales has been frustrating … Continued

Digital printing on demand

Over the years one of the consistent areas of challenge and growth has been the need to offer quality paper printing to not only accompany our digital media supplies, but also for those needing a range of printing on demand … Continued

CD and DVD Packaging

One of the costliest components of a CD / DVD / BD job can be not the disc, but the associated packaging. The trade off between a unique, custom finish and the all important budget too often means that a … Continued

The Rise of High Definition Film Transfer

The Rise of High Definition Film Transfer, Super 8, 8mm and 16mm film transfer services have seen a significant resurgence in popularity over the last 5 years and it may be that the latest move to high definition transfers by … Continued

Eco Friendly DVD Alternative

DiskBank have been offering recycled CD and DVD packaging for almost a decade now – nothing new there. Soy inks, vegetable inks and recycled paper stocks have been the norm for many years now and should always be offered as … Continued

What is DVD authoring?

DVD Authoring is the process of creating interactive DVDs from footage, sound and text. It is the combination of captured video, film, negatives, slides and audio with digital files such as flash animation, documents and graphics. DVD Authoring basically consists … Continued

Memory card recovery

Having just lost a digital camera filled with photos on an overseas trip, I understand the panic of realising you’ve lost irreplaceable memories that can never be recovered. While the camera in question was just a compact digital worth just … Continued

Sony Announce format to replace Blu-Ray

As Sony (in partnership with Tohoku University) this week announced plans to release the new wave of laser technology to eventually supersede the (relatively) new Blu-Ray format, we are reminded of the transient nature of digital media. As each new … Continued

Advantages of VHS to DVD transfers and conversions

VHS to DVD The invention of the VHS videotape system took the world by storm in the late 1970s. Within 20 years, nearly every household in the world owned these VHS systems. By using VHS camcorders, average people could make … Continued

Promotional Branded USB drives

Portability and storage are the two biggest issues for collecting and storing data. A hard drive is a great option, but many are not portable. The hard drives that are portable are too big to carry and need separate power … Continued

Slide restoration – convert your old slide images to high quality digital images

Slide restoration The use of slide film was a very popular hobby for amateur photographers. The ability to take photographs and project the images onto a large screen for viewing was an exciting experience. Before standard photographer prints could be … Continued

Spotify –The answer to illegal music downloads?

Since the late 90’s- artists, musicians and industry executives alike have struggled to comeback from the crisis that was the illegal file sharing service, Napster. How does one reconcile a desire for as many people to hear your music as … Continued

Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition Winners

Isabella Manfredi of the up and coming indie rock band ‘The Preatures’ has taken out top prize in the prestigious songwriting comp ‘Vanda &Young’ for 2013. The media hype that surrounds the winner is enough of a reward without the … Continued

iTunes Music Festival 2013

We are day 11 into the 7th annual iTunes festival; a month long celebration of music with an impressive line-up to match. Held at the Roundhouse in London the ticket price is completely free if you are lucky enough to … Continued

Vinyl Nostalgia- It’s time to get a turntable.

Vinyl was thought to be dead. While it once was the standard, and every household owned a record player, it soon gave way in the 1970’s to the more compact and portable cassette tape. This in turn diminished with the … Continued

How to Get Your Music Heard

For Independent Artists So you’ve done all the hard work- slaved away in that tiny studio recording your new masterpiece, held a bake sale to pay for mixing and mastering… and now it’s done. But here comes the even harder … Continued

Christmas Gift Guide

For those of us who want to avoid the mad rush at the shopping malls this Christmas, here are some excellent pressie ideas we found online to help you get organised early. For your mother in Law who loves Christmas … Continued

Do Audio CDs have a Future for Musicians?

With varying and conflicting reports about the predicted future of CD sales continuing to pop up, at DiskBank we’ve been pleased to see the demand to be really holding its own. Certainly digital downloads, vinyl, USB and other formats have … Continued

Music Copyright: 5 things you need to know

Ownership of music and lyrics can be a bit of a headache, but here are some key points that you should know when recording that masterpiece. How do I copyright my music There is no registration procedure for copyright, it … Continued

2 Things You Need to Know About CD Metadata

When recording for the first time there are a few things you may come across that you have never heard of before- But don’t worry, here is a simple explanation of what you need to know in regards to adding … Continued

7 Tips for Submitting Design Briefs

When working with a graphic designer for your album artwork it’s important to know what information they will need from you, and how to make sure you are on the same page in terms of the design concept. Here are … Continued

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