Father’s Day is just around the corner, and so too comes the inevitable question of what to get Dad this year. Instead of getting him another tie, why not give him the gift of re-living precious family memories? It’s a beautiful, sentimental Father’s Day gift idea that gives your family the ability to re-watch and enjoy memories that you may not have seen in years.  

 At DiskBank, we can transfer any of your old VHS, slides, audio cassettes or film reels to a digital format, so your dad can view them over and over again. All DiskBank transfers include quality restoration (colour, exposure and other general touch-ups). We’ll digitise your memories and put them on whichever output your dad uses most, whether that’s DVD, CD, USB or hard drive.  

 The benefit of transferring your old media to digital isn’t just sentimental. It’s actually an important part of ensuring that your media doesn’t get damaged or become inaccessible due to the technology required becoming obsolete. Storing older media formats like slides, VHS or cassettes is a challenge as these formats easily deteriorate when exposed to heat, light and moisture – we understand how difficult that can be to manage during our hot and often humid summers! On top of that, older media storage tends to be bulky and creates clutter around the house. So the sooner you can transfer your memories at DiskBank, the better condition they can be kept in. It’s not just a great gift to your dad, but to anyone wanting to view these precious family memories in the future. 

 The reason USBs and hard drives are such a great option to store media on is that, unlike tapes and reels, it’s extremely difficult to cause physical damage to the memories stored on them. At DiskBank, USBs are our most popular output as they stay safe from external damage, are easily transportable and can be shared with your family through computers, laptops and tablets.  

 The benefits of USB drives are their cost, speed, size, and compatibility. While the cost of storage varies depending on the amount of space available, they’re relatively affordable when compared to most other external storage devices. Unlike VHS tapes or film reels, USBs are compact and easy to transport. You most likely have either a USB compatible computer or television at home, ensuring you can re-watch your memories no matter where you are.  

 What makes USB storage particularly useful for Father’s Day is the ability to send a copy of the contents of a USB to friends and family. Sending copies of media can easily be done through email, AirDrop or any other online sharing platform. We can also print the copies on multiple USBs if required, so nobody in the family misses out. 

 If your dad is more likely to use a DVD player, we can also transfer your memories onto a DVD. Our second most popular output, DVDs are transportable and inexpensive. They’re also harder to damage than traditional media storage options, as even though they are prone to scratches, they’re less likely to degrade. DVDs are also our cheapest transfer storage option. We provide a complimentary disc with every transfer, and additional copies are only $10 per additional disc. If you are unsure of what format your dad is most likely to use, you can also select multiple output types. 

 For an even more personal touch, we offer a slideshow add-on. If your media is being transferred from slides, negatives, or photographs, we can turn your individual photos into a tailored slideshow that can be played for your family. A slideshow creates a beautiful and personalised gift that can be played and shared over and over again. 

 At DiskBank, your treasured memories are in safe hands, and we would love to be a part of making this Father’s Day special. If you have any questions about transferring your media from older formats into something your family can enjoy for generations to come, contact us on (08) 9388 0800 or visit us in our Jolimont store to get started.