Way before digital streaming and the era of ‘high-definition’, VHS and VHS-C tapes reigned supreme as the go-to mediums for home entertainment and personal recordings. These magnetic tapes, encased in their iconic plastic shells, were the backbone of countless movie nights, family gatherings, and candid moments captured on camcorders.

VHS tapes, with their bulky cassettes, found their way into living rooms across the globe, bringing movies, documentaries, and TV shows into homes with the click of a button. Meanwhile, VHS-C tapes, the compact siblings, accompanied families on vacations, birthdays, and everyday adventures, preserving cherished memories with every click of the camcorder’s record button.

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Preserving VHS Treasures: Digitising Memories with Diskbank

Each moment captured on VHS tapes holds a piece of our personal history, a story waiting to be shared across generations. Every year that goes by can bring subtle yet irreversible changes to analog formats like VHS. These cherished recordings can degrade, colours may fade, sounds may distort, and the essence of those moments can become damaged over time. That’s where Diskbank steps in.

Here at Diskbank, with over 25 years of expertise in preserving and digitising sensitive memories, we’ve helped thousands of customers across Australia in safeguarding, preserving and digitising their nostalgic moments.
By converting outdated formats like VHS to digital, we ensure that these precious memories are not only preserved but also easily accessible for future generations to cherish.

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Converting Your VHS to Digital Format

We offer a comprehensive VHS to digital format conversion service, including options such as USB, HDD, SSD, and DVD. Our process ensures that your nostalgic tapes are transformed into high-quality digital files, preserving the essence and sentimentality of each recording.

Whether you prefer the convenience of USB storage, the durability of a hard drive, or the classic charm of a DVD, we give you the flexibility to choose the digital format that best suits your needs and preferences.

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Converting Your VHS-C Tapes to Digital Format

Our commitment to preserving cherished memories extends beyond VHS tapes to include VHS-C tapes as well. We understand the importance of preserving the essence and sentimentality of each recording, which is why our process ensures that your nostalgic VHS-C tapes are transformed into high-quality digital files.

We offer a range of digital format options such as USB, HDD, SSD, and DVD, providing flexibility and convenience to suit your preferences.

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Pricelist – Converting VHS Tapes to Digital

Standard VHS & VHS-C video transfers: FROM $40 PER TAPE

  • ‘Top and Tail’ Edit only – Removal of any Black / Blank / or Copyright TV footage from start or end of tape
  • Digitisation through professional TBC (Timebase Corrector)
  • Capture Linear audio track only


  • Cost of USB drive unless supplied by customer
  • Tape cleaning – Repair – Re-Casing of damage tapes – $20 per tape
  • Separate DVDs for each tape – If each tape to separate DVD is requested, DVDs are charged at $5 per DVD
  • Additional DVD copies if requested
  • Tape baking prior to transfer for tapes affected by ‘Sticky Shed Syndrome’ – $10 per tape

Premium VHS & VHS-C video transfers: FROM $65 PER TAPE

Experience the ultimate video transfer with our Premium service. Our skilled technicians go the extra mile to provide extensive editing and enhancement options, including repair, noise removal, and colour correction.

The price per tape starts at $65 and gradually decreases as the quantity of tapes increases.

  • Repair or re-casing of damaged or dirty tapes
  • Digitisation through professional TBC (Timebase Corrector)
  • ‘Top and Tail’ Edit – Removal of any Black / Blank / or Copyright TV footage from start or end of tape
  • Removal of white noise and artefacts
  • Attempted Colour Correction where necessary
  • Attempted fix of field interlace problems affecting image quality
  • Cropping of jitter from perimeter overscan area of footage
  • Removal of ‘static’
  • Fade to black at start and end of footage
  • Capture of both Linear and Hifi Tracks and selection best audio track
  • Audio level adjusted to 0dB
  • *Tape baking prior to transfer for tapes affected by ‘Sticky Shed Syndrome’ Included in Premium Service


  • More than 25 years experience
  • Quality guarantee
  • Service oriented company
  • Regular reinvestment in latest technology
  • 100% Australian Owned

diskbank transfers to digital

Diskbank – More than Just Converting Analog to Digital

At DiskBank, our mission goes beyond simple media conversion. We are architects of memories, carefully transforming your nostalgic VHS tapes into lasting memories. Our team handles each tape with the utmost care, capturing not only the visuals but also the essence of every cherished moment they contain.

Trust us to not only convert your VHS tapes into the digital era but to also breathe new life into the stories they hold. Choose DiskBank for a transformation that transcends mere conversion—experience affordable, high-quality service and unparalleled preservation of your memories.


Don’t let your cherished memories fade away – Contact DiskBank now to ensure they’re preserved with the highest quality and value. Our expert team in Perth handles daily dispatches across Australia, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Call us at (08) 9388 0800 or email to start your digital preservation project. We’re committed to providing you with the best quality and value for your media conversion needs—anywhere in Australia.

What does your conversion process look like?

We’ve been converting all formats of video and camcorder tapes since 2002. During that time, we’ve honed our procedure to the point now that we believe it is the best you will find anywhere:

This is no ordinary video transfer. The following procedures are standard in our Premium transfer process:

  • Digitising your video through our professional transcoding & digitising equipment
  • Removal of white noise and artifacts from the start and end of your footage
  • Removal of blank or black sections
  • Cropping of jitter from perimeter of footage where necessary
  • Removal of static
  • Adding chapters to final DVD
  • Dolby Digital sound
  • Industry leading two pass variable bit rate encoding
  • Transferring your footage onto high quality DVDs
  • Upgrade to 24kt gold plated archive grade DVDs upon request
  • Professionally packaged into a DVD case
  • Personalised attention from experienced technician throughout from start to finish


  • Use domestic DVD recorders (this will produce a low quality encoding and not allow editing of your footage). All our equipment is professional grade.
  • Our transfers are all done in Perth, we don’t outsource or get anything processed overseas.
  • An experienced operator will complete your transfer from start to finish. Before we edit and clean up any unwanted issues with your media, we digitise it in real time. For example, if you have a 90 minute tape, it will take us 90 minutes to digitise. This time consuming process is the only way to give your memories the treatment they deserve.
Why should I convert my VHS tapes into digital format?

Converting VHS tapes to digital preserves your memories from degradation and makes them easily accessible, shareable, and safe. Digitisation ensures compatibility with modern devices, safeguarding your precious moments for future generations to enjoy without the need for obsolete playback equipment.

What do you do with the original tapes after conversion?

After conversion, the original tapes are returned to you along with your new digital copies. We can also safely dispose of the tapes if requested.

How much do you charge for converting Hi8, Digital8 and/or Video8 to digital format?

We offer two pricing options—Standard and Premium—depending on your specific needs. For more detailed information on our pricing, please refer to the pricing section of our website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at (08) 9388 0800 to discuss any specific requirements or queries you may have.