Blu-ray Duplication and Replication

Blu-ray Duplication and Replication

DiskBank is proud to be a leader in Blu-ray technology. We offer fast, cost effective Blu-ray (BD) duplication, replication, printing and authoring.

Blu-ray offers many significant advantages over DVD and CD:

  • Significantly higher storage capacity (more than 5 x greater than DVD)
  • Full HD (1080p) video and high resolution HD audio
  • Effective 128 bit AACS copy protection
  • Superior navigational system
  • Faster access speed
  • Scratch resistant hard protective coating

Blu-ray duplication

Blu-ray duplication is best suited for smaller runs (less than 500 units) which are needed quickly. Our turnaround time is less than 5 days for these volumes.

We use only the best quality and most reliable blank BD media for all in-house production work. Part of our duplication procedure is to QC every copy to ensure accurate data verification.

Duplication services are available on the following Blu-ray formats:

  • BD25 – 25 Gb
  • BD50 – Dual Layer – 50Gb

Blu-ray replication

Blu-ray replication or manufacture has seen a significant drop in price in recent years. We can offer this service for a minimum run of 500 units at a unit price which is significantly lower than Blu-ray duplication.

For a comparison of the alternatives, see our CD duplication and DVD duplication pages.