Paper Part Printing

CD & DVD Printed Paper Parts & Inserts
DiskBank supply a wide selection of printed paper options to accompany your CD or DVD job. Our years of experience in the design and printing of CD and DVD specific paper parts will give you the confidence that your inserts will fit their packaging perfectly.

We will not only save you time and money with our advice, but you and your clients will be happy that the final product will look just as you had intended. Our long standing relationships with our suppliers also make it possible for us to offer you superb rates, with very low or no setup costs.

Listed below are just some of the paper part options available with your job…

DVD booklets
DVD slicks
CD booklets from 1 to 24 pages
Slimline J-cards
Cardboard sleeves

If you have your own specific layout you would like to use, we are more than happy to help you put it together.
Short-Run printing
Our in-house production facilities enable us to cater for paper part printing on jobs of 500 or less. All short-run paper parts are digitally printed using a premium quality laser printers and are generally available within 3 working days.
Long-Run printing
Full colour offset insert printing is available on all jobs of 500 or more units. We offer the same fast turnaround time of 8-10 days with paper printing jobs as we do with our CD/DVD manufacturing jobs.

Specifications and templates for all paper parts artwork can be found here, alternatively call one of our friendly staff for further information.
CD & DVD Packaging
DiskBank also stock an extensive range of CD and DVD cases, supply custom packaging and provide product assembly services.

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