Bulk CD and DVD Packaging

Bulk CD and DVD packaging.

DiskBank are importers and wholesalers of a large range of bulk CD, DVD and Blu-ray storage and packaging options for resellers and the general public.

We import containers of jewel cases, plastic sleeves, slimline cases, multi disc CD and DVD cases, adhesive backed PVC sleeves and other specialist items.

You don’t need to order your discs or printing from DiskBank to benefit from our bulk prices. We gladly supply just cases and packaging at discounted prices from both our Perth and Sydney offices.
If your requirement is for printed or customised packaging options, please visit our Digicase or CD and DVD cardboard sleeve pages.

If you’d like further information, pricing or to place an order, please call (08) 9388 0800 or email sales@diskbank.com.au for Australia’s best bulk CD and DVD packaging and storage prices.

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