DVD Duplication and Replication

DVD Duplication and Replication

DiskBank has been providing quality DVD duplication, replication and printing since it’s inception in the 1990’s. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and service from our Perth offices.

DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication is ideal when producing volumes of 500 or less discs. Timing is the key deciding factor when choosing whether to duplicate or manufacture (replicate or press) your discs. If you are working to tight deadlines then DVD duplication is often the best option.

We research and carefully choose only the best quality and most reliable blank DVD media on the market for all in-house production work. We also make sure that the content of each duplicated disc is verified and checked for errors, even on large runs of discs. This guarantees that every duplicate is a 100% carbon copy of your master, free from glitches and will play in any type of DVD player for years to come.

DVD Replication

DVD Replication is also known as DVD manufacture or pressing and involves the creation of a glass master and stamper from which replica DVDs are pressed or moulded. DVD replication is available for 500 or more DVDs and is the same process used for major Hollywood releases.