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The Value of Video to Digital Conversion:

Rediscovering Your Old Videos Are you someone who has a collection of old VHS tapes, Hi8, Video8, or MiniDV

March 1st 2023

How to Convert Slides to Digital

Converting slides to digital is one of our primary operations at DiskBank. It is essential to digitise your

November 4th 2022

Fathers Day Gift Idea

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and so too comes the inevitable question of what to get Dad this

August 3rd 2022

How to Choose the Right Video Transfer Service

Getting your film or video transferred to a digital format is an exciting process, and being able to watch

August 3rd 2022

Video and Film Transfers for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share and reflect on all the preciou

April 2nd 2022

What are the packaging options available for promotional USB flash drives?

USBs are the most popular assembly used to connect computers to devices such as digital cameras, printers,

June 2nd 2021

Print Ready Artwork – Avoiding Design Pitfalls

What is Print Ready Artwork?  This term in the print industry refers to a digital document that is ready f

August 3rd 2017

7 Tips for Submitting Design Briefs

When working with a graphic designer for your album artwork it’s important to know what information they

August 3rd 2015