With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share and reflect on all the precious memories you share with your mum. But what if those memories are kept on old, outdated technology? No stress. We’re here to help you celebrate the special day by restoring those invaluable moments in time.

Transfer services

At DiskBank, we can transfer any of your old slides, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, or film reels so you and your family can enjoy them for years to come. Your memories are safe with us, as all transfers are completed in-house with our experienced technicians. We include quality restoration in our transfers, which means we can correct the colours, get the exposure just right, and make other general touch-ups to breathe new life into your photos and video. We’ll digitise your memories and put them on whichever output your mum most often uses, whether that be DVD, CD, USB, or hard drive.

Transferring your old media to digital should be done as soon as possible, as most older media storage and players don’t have significant shelf lifes. They degrade and deteriorate as time goes on, and it’s much easier for these media types to be damaged. When using formats like USBs and hard drives, no physical damage can be done to the stored memories, making them preferable to tapes and reels. Media formats like film reels and VHS tapes in particular take up room and can clutter your home. And with old media formats becoming less popular, it can be extremely difficult to view memories, as machines break and they are becoming increasingly difficult to find and purchase.

Media output options:

1. USBs

USBs are our most popular media output, as they’re safe from external damage, easily transportable, and their contents can be sent to friends and family through computers, laptops, and tablets. USBs are cost effective, high-speed, can contain a large amount of digital media, and are easily compatible with a wide range of technology. They’re relatively affordable when compared to most other external storage devices, with the cost of storage depending on the amount of space available. Unlike VHS tapes or film reels, USBs are compact and easy to transport. Most homes will either have a USB compatible computer or television, ensuring you always have the ability to re-watch your memories.

One of the most valuable features of USBs is the ability to send a copy of the contents to friends and family. This is especially useful for important family celebrations like Mother’s Day, when family ask for copies of the valuable videos. Sending copies of the media can be done easily through email, AirDrop, or any other online sharing platform. DiskBank can also print the copies on multiple USBs if required.

2. DVDs

DVDs, our other most popular output, are another excellent gift option for mums who regularly use their DVD players. Similar to USBs, DVDs are not easily damaged, and are transportable and inexpensive. While DVDs can be prone to scratches if not handled correctly, they’re safe from the external damage that would be caused if media was kept on the original format. DVDs are our most inexpensive output option, as we provide a complimentary disc with every transfer. If you decide you’d like additional copies, it’s only $10 per additional disc. And if you can’t decide which format is best suited for your mum, you can choose DVD, USB, and any other format you prefer.

We also offer a slideshow add-on for those transferring still imagery from slides, negatives, printed photographs, or other media. This process turns your individual photos into a tailored slideshow that can be played for your family. Our slideshows add a personal touch to sharing your memories – and can make a beautiful and personalised gift to be played and shared for generations to come.

3. Hardrives/SSDs

We can transfer your footage to a hard drive or SSD drive too. If you are deciding between which to use, it is recommended to use an SSD drive as hard drives are prone to freezing up and causing issues in the long term which could end up causing problems accessing your cherished memories in the future.

Best practice for storing transferred files

For best practice, it is recommended to download your files once they have been transferred to ensure they are backed up and to avoid future complications, such as the USB no longer reading the files correctly or the files becoming corrupted. It is recommended to double back up these files not only to another device such as your computer but to the cloud too as USB drives, SSDs and hard drives can fail.

How DiskBank can help?

At DiskBank, we’d love to be a part of making your Mother’s Day special. Give your mum a unique Mother’s Day gift that will last a lifetime and give your family the chance to relive and enjoy shared memories. If you have any questions about pricing, outputs, or have any queries about our transferring process, we’re happy to help and offer our expert advice.

If you’re looking to get your old media transferred, contact us on (08) 9388 0800 or visit us in our Jolimont store to get started.