USBs are the most popular assembly used to connect computers to devices such as digital cameras, printers, scanners, and external hard drives. USBs are great because they are portable, as well as compatible with many different types of devices and can hold a lot of storage. DiskBank produces many kinds of USBs including our popular aluminium series, leather series, custom series, business card series and more. USBs are the perfect way to promote your business as they act as both a business card and a functional USB. Our USBs allow you to get your name out there to clients whilst also providing them with a handy gift.

Aluminium USB Series

Our Aluminium series is one of our most popular drives, they are sleek, hard wearing, and affordable. Practical, durable, and affordable, the Aluminium USB drive is one that will further your company and help your businessstand out. Our range of capped and swivel designs mean there is a selection to fit any task and can be paired with our large selection of lanyards and key rings for a practical and presentable look. If unsure of what kind of USB to purchase, our aluminium series is by far the most common and safe option as they are highly compatible and the most affordable option

Leather USB Series

The leather USB series is a more premium and luxury USB option. Made of 100% leather, these USBs have a sleek and deluxe finish and are made to impress. If you’re after a USB that will stand out more than a regular USB, a leather USB is the perfect option, they can also be used as a practical gift for your clients. This collection of USB’s comes in a variety of capacities up to 16GB, and may be customised to promote and advertise your brand.  Our leather USBs are by far the most deluxe choice and are a great selection for gifts or to impress clients.

Custom USB Series

DiskBank’s custom USB series are a great option if you can’t seem to find any USB that suits your needs, we work with you to create something perfect for you and your company’s needs. Our custom moulded USB range is designed and formed from PU Rubber to any size, shape, design, and colour you would like with pricing based on the final design. Custom USBs are eye-catching and impressive as they come in any design possible, the possibilities in this respect are virtually endless. Possible ideas could include a 3D depiction of your logo, a piece of industrial equipment, or a smaller retail item that you sell. In total, the entire process only takes 4-6 weeks and costs only marginally more than a regular branded promotional flash drive with the final product being a unique style directly related to your brand.

Business Card USB Series

Our Business Card USB models are an excellent business choice as these practical USBs fit perfectly into client’s and employee’s wallets and purses. The USBs slip easily into the envelope with your promotional mail out, or into the back of your presentation folder. These useful business cards are portable and sleek as they can slip into any pocket or sleeve. The business card series includes full colour digital printing (on the BC-105 & BC-106) or laser engraving (on the BC-102). The business card USB range is ideal for any business or company looking to get their name out in a practical and fun way and will leave a positive and lasting impression on anyone who receives one.

Mini Promotional USBs

Our range of mini promotional USBs are small in shape yet still carry the same large amounts of data as regular USBs. The mini-USB can hold up to 64GB of memory depending on what is needed. This range is perfect for mailouts, when space is an issue or for carrying around on a day-to-day basis. Our mini-USB flash drive range is available in swivel, stick and capped. We also offer an individual touch with custom printing available so your employees can embrace your business branding. Our mini-series come in many different designs and finishes depending on what kind of look you are searching for. Mini-series are the perfect option for those who are tight on budget or are looking for a sleek and portable USB option.

DiskBank offers USBs with an extensive range of shapes, designs, sizes, finishes and will work with you to see what suits you and your company the most. DiskBank offers Free Custom Logo Printing, free Australia-wide Delivery, Free Data Preload Service (up to 8GB), Free Artwork Setup, Free 10 Year Replacement Warranty, A-Grade Flash Memory on all USBs, CE, and FCC Certified Products. DiskBank offers the best USB service and will work with you to find the best option for you based on your needs.  Contact DiskBank today to learn more about all the options available with USBs.