Getting your film or video transferred to a digital format is an exciting process, and being able to watch and re-live old memories is priceless. However, without the right service provider, you might end up disappointed. So, we’ve put together a few things to consider before choosing a provider to transfer your precious film content. 

Service Range 

Many service providers will not be able to transfer all types of videos or film. If you are unsure which type of film or video you want to transfer, it’s a good idea to call the company you’re thinking of working with. They can then help you determine what type of video you have and whether they have the facilities to transfer it. A few of the video and film formats DiskBank transfer include: 

Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are a great way to get a measure of the quality of service the company you’re considering has provided in the past. Whether past customers have spoken about the helpfulness of the staff or the outcome of the transfer, reviews are unbiased and provide a good general idea of the quality of the service provider. Customer reviews can often be found when searching the business on Google — if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, odds are that you’re in good hands. 



When transferring your memories, it’s important to consider the trustworthiness of the business. Factors contributing to trustworthiness include how long the service provider has been in business, whether their transfers are done in-house or overseas, and whether their website looks professional. Data safety is equally as important when getting your video transferred. Ensuring that the technicians performing the transfers are trustworthy and keeping your memories safe is important. At DiskBank, all of our technicians are qualified and have been in the industry for many years. 


Output File Format   

Another factor to consider is the output format that you prefer for your recorded moments. There are many options: DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, flash drives, or external hard drives, with different formats to choose from, such as MP4, MOV, and AVI. If you don’t feel like any of these options suit you, feel free to further discuss this with your service provider. 



The quality of your transfers is arguably the most important factor when transferring your film or video to digital. Many service providers will just give you the raw transfer with zero editing. At DiskBank, however, our experienced technicians make small, aesthetic adjustments such as lighting, saturation, and audio fixes — all included in the service. And if you would prefer just the raw footage, we are also happy to provide that. We also have a 2K quality option for film transfers, a level of quality that many service providers cannot offer. 


When selecting the service provider for your video and film transfers, these guidelines should help you pick the best video transfer service, so you can have peace of mind that your memories will stand the test of time. If you have any questions regarding pricing, outputs, or any other queries, we are happy to help and offer our expert opinion. If you have any further questions or are looking into getting your old media transferred, feel free to contact us on (08) 9388 0800 or visit us in store at 4/73 Troy Terrace Jolimont, WA 6014 to get started.