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How To Identify Your Slides & Negatives

At DiskBank, we digitise all kinds of media, from photos to tapes, to films, to audio. There are lots of di

February 1st 2022

How long do VHS Tapes really last?

A VHS tape (Video Home System) is a widely used media format used to watch and store visual media. VHS tape

January 1st 2022

5 Things to Do With Your Old Video Tapes

From the 1970s to the early 2000s, tape cassettes, VHS tapes, Super 8 reels and other old media were used e

August 3rd 2021

FAQ For Transfers Department

Q:         The transfer on USB is not playing on my TV A:         Unfortunately, we

August 3rd 2020

Duplication and Replication: What’s the difference?

At Diskbank, we offer two types of production services: ‘Short run’ and ‘Long run’. Short run order

February 1st 2020

Your Transfer FAQs Answered!

The team at DiskBank has put together their most Frequently asked questions relating to Transfers! Q:   

September 3rd 2019

How to preserve your precious videos & film recordings

Before the days of smart phones and social media, the act of recording footage was reserved for life’s mo

June 2nd 2019

Image Scanning, Editing & Restoration through the eyes of DiskBank

Cherishing memories and sharing memories is incredibly important. At DiskBank we have top quality scanners

May 2nd 2019

The importance of preserving your memories

DiskBank offers a wide range of transfer services, allowing our customers to preserve their memories and re

April 2nd 2019

DiskBank now offers 2K film Transfers

It is important to hold on to your memories and here at DiskBank we have you covered. We specialise in film

April 2nd 2019

Archiving your videos and films

As one of Australia leading film and video transfer facilities, we receive requests from customers to conve

December 4th 2015

Scanning photos from Film rather than Prints

As a father of 3 small but fast growing children, the importance of recording their development and childho

August 3rd 2015

Blu-ray duplication and replication questions

It was a relief when the format war between HD and Blu-ray was finally settled in early 2008, but where do

August 3rd 2015

The Rise of High Definition Film Transfer

The Rise of High Definition Film Transfer, Super 8, 8mm and 16mm film transfer services have seen a signifi

August 3rd 2015

Advantages of VHS to DVD transfers and conversions

VHS to DVD The invention of the VHS videotape system took the world by storm in the late 1970s. Within 20 y

August 3rd 2015

Slide restoration – convert your old slide images to high quality digital images

Slide restoration The use of slide film was a very popular hobby for amateur photographers. The ability to

August 3rd 2015