DiskBank offers a wide range of transfer services, allowing our customers to preserve their memories and re live these precious memories for the years to come. It is so important to get your tapes, cassettes and reels transferred sooner rather than later.  The longer you wait to transfer your memories to digital, the higher the risk of losing your memories completely.

Don’t let your memories deteriorate

Tapes, cassettes and reels of film all deteriorate over time and this in turn, results in a lower quality transfer. DiskBank is able to salvage this in some cases but it is important to keep everything in good condition and action the transfer as soon as possible to guarantee a great, high quality transfer.

DiskBank leads the film transfer game in Australia and has been providing high quality film transfers to our customers for over 15 years.


We can transfer your VHS video tapes into digital to a USB, DVD and Blu Ray. This is very convenient especially for people with wedding tapes on VHS or any other memories that can be re lived with friends and families. Our service also offers video editing to remove any unnecessary footage and to improve the viewing experience for our customers.

8mm, Super8, 16mm, Film to DVD

With a recent upgrade to our internal transfers process, we are now able to capture film in 2k, making us the only provider in Perth of this amazing 2K transfer service. There is no better time than the present to get your film reels transferred into a digital format.

We are able to transfer film reels of any size onto a more convenient platform (USB/DVD) which make preserving and re watching things of the past much easier.

Slides, Negative, Photos to DVD

Along with video transfers, DiskBank also has incredible scanners that can capture slides, negatives and even loose photos. The scanner DiskBank uses results in high quality photos and our service also includes image editing, which crops out any unnecessary borders and removes dirt and spots from your images.

Once the photos are scanned and edited they are given back to our clients on a USB or DVD, this means they can be shared with ease, digitally.

Audio to CD or USB

DiskBank has the technology to capture the contents of an audio cassette and transfer it onto a USB or CD, with very few cassette players around these days this makes it much easier to listen the audio. The audio conversion service includes noise reduction and cuts away any unnecessary sections of the tape, which improves the listening quality.

Get your film transfers done through DiskBank today, our friendly team is here to help. It’s very important to preserve your memories and the past, so they aren’t lost forever.

Film, photos and audio deteriorates over time and with the help of DiskBank we can convert these precious memories into a long-lasting, high quality format. Contact the team at DiskBank today.