Audio to CD

Audio Cassettes and Reel to Reel tapes converted to CD

Our professional equipment and meticulous attention to detail ensure your audio transfers achieve the best possible results.

As part of our standard transfer and recovery service, we offer the following:

  • Removal of pops, crackle and background hiss
  • Removal of background hum and rumble
  • Correction of incorrect speed (many older recordings, particularly 78’s show speed descrepancies)
  • Noise reduction during track gaps and intro and outro of recording
  • Equipment motor noise
  • Additional of track numbers to tracks
  • Custom full colour thermal printing direct to face of finished CD
  • Assembly into case with custom printed slick

Call us now on (08) 9388 0800 or email

We also provide audio restoration and enhancement services to all aspects of the legal fraternity, including lawyers, investigators and the law courts.

For enquiries such as answering machine messages, handheld tape recorders, mini cassettes, micro cassettes, mobile phone messages and anything else you have, contact us. If we can play it and we can hear it, we can transfer it to CD.

How do I place my order?

Steps for ordering and completion of your job are as follows:

  • Determine how many cassettes, reel to reel tapes, microcassettes, DAT tapes or minidiscs you require to be transferred
  • If you original material is covered by copyright, please seek copyright approval from the copyright owner
  • Contact us by phone or email to discuss details of your job (pricing, format, deadline, delivery details)
  • Securely pack your recordings into a box and post, courier or hand deliver to your nearest DiskBank office (Perth and Sydney)
  • Upon receipt of your delivery, we contact you to confirm your order and an ETA
  • Once the job is completed to your specifications, we contact you to arrange payment and delivery
  • We return your originals and transfers by courier/post, or you collect in person
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