From the 1970s to the early 2000s, tape cassettes, VHS tapes, Super 8 reels and other old media were used everywhere. Tapes had become the most popular way to watch movies, listen to music, and record home videos before being overtaken by CDs and DVDs. Now that tapes are no longer being shared or supported, you may be at a loss with what to do with these old tapes. At DiskBank, we have many solutions to get the most out of your old media.

At DiskBank, we are professionals in converting your old media into new media. We use newer, more common formats such as DVDs, CDs, USBs or hard drives. Converting your old video tapes to these new formats are useful as they are highly portable, easy to share and view on many different devices.

DVDs are a great and popular option to convert old media. You may choose to convert to DVDs for many reasons; the DVD format can store any sort of information and is broadly utilized for programming and other PC documents. DVDs offer higher storage limit than compact discs while having similar measurements. DVDs come complimentary when completing any conversion from tapes to DVD. They are a great option for someone who frequently uses their DVD player or who would like to watch the newly converted tapes on their TV.

CDs are a useful option when converting old cassette tapes or audio reels. Like DVDs, our CDs are also complimentary with any audio conversion. Our CDs are a great option if you have a CD player or like to listen to CDs in your car. CDs are highly portable and provide great sound quality when converted from old and valuable tapes.

USBs are our most popular medium of file transportation. USBs are the most common and standard format used to transfer information to devices such as digital cameras, printers, computers, and other portable devices. USBs serve as an excellent marketing tool to get your companies name out. USBs are the most versatile medium as they easily insert into laptops, televisions and many other devices as a file and can be shared amongst friends and stored on your portable devices. Further, USBs don’t require any internet access, so files are able to be transferred whenever is needed. USBs can also be reused endless times with any kind of file or information. DiskBank generally recommends USBs as they are the most portable and versatile option we offer.

Once your precious tapes have been converted, there are endless options on what to do with them after that. One option is to donate or resell your cassettes. There are many individuals who gather tape tapes or still use tape players for music. It is a great idea to consider giving them to a resale shop, library, or even a classical store. You could possibly get some cash for rare or uncommon tape tapes. Another idea could be to use tapes in DIY projects. Reused materials in DIY projects offer an environmentally friendly approach to make new household articles or accessories. Tape can be dismantled and utilized for some sorts of DIY projects, like film-decorated bags or boxes produced using tapes.

Thinking of transferring your old tapes and media to a more modern media file? Now is the perfect time, our technicians are highly experienced in carefully transferring your old media to new media whilst still keeping old, precious tape in good form. If you are looking to get your old tapes transferred, feel free to contact us on (08) 9388 0800 or email to discuss your project.