Cherishing memories and sharing memories is incredibly important. At DiskBank we have top quality scanners and editing software which means we can scan your images, slides or negatives into a digital format. Once scanned and edited, the images are provided to you on a USB or hard drive. Providing this to you in a digital format allows for easy sharing to all devices which enables the images to be emailed, edited or uploaded onto social media accounts.

Image Scanning process

All individual images are scanned, cropped and stored digitally. The scan is extremely high quality and can be done all the way up to 4000dpi, resulting in a crisp image. During the scan we dust off and clean the image/slide with film cleaner to remove dirt, fingerprints and other marks to ensure we can get the best result in the scan. One of the benefits of image scanning slide and negatives formats is that this process enables you to print the images in a larger format which you previously may not have been able to do.

Image Editing

Our process includes an image editing and restoration stage. We take the following steps to ensure the images look crisp and high quality.

  1. Image Cropping: We remove any unnecessary edges from the image
  2. Software Edit- We remove any dirt, fingerprints, marks, blemishes, smudges from the image
  3. Color Correction- This process results in a natural looking photo with contrast and saturation
  4. Return to client- The image is returned to you, ready for enlargements, re prints and long term archiving

Why choose DiskBank for your image transfers?

  • More than 10 years experience
  • Quality guarantee
  • Offices Australia wide
  • Service oriented company
  • Regular reinvestment in latest technology
  • 100% Australian owned

Our friendly staff are readily available and are here to help getting your images into a convenient, digital format. For more information on our process, visit our image scanning and restoration page.