It is important to hold on to your memories and here at DiskBank we have you covered. We specialise in film transfers and are continually adapting to provide the best possible result for our customers. We provide services to transfer your VHS, Super 8, 8mm and 16mm film, this provides you with the opportunity to re-live past memories and share that enjoyment with friends, family and loved ones for the years to come.

We have been providing Australians with high quality film transfers for over 20 years, and have now taken things one step further, with the addition of Perth’s only 2k film scanning camera to our transfer services. We now have the capacity to produce the best transfers for super 8, 8mm and 16mm film. We have always offered HD but now we have 2k which results in much higher resolution, with enhanced dynamic range that allows for richer blacks and brighter whites.

DiskBank has Perth’s FIRST 2K Film Transfer Machine, but what makes it so great?

While HD film scanning is much better than SD, it doesn’t come close to the quality of a 2k transfer. Considering HD film scanning captures around 75% of the detail, and some of that is lost in a 16mm it is great to know that our 2k scans capture 100% of the detail of any Super 8 or 8mm film as well as most of 16mm scans. You’ll find that TVs in most households today have the capability of playing 2k and HD is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past.

We use high quality, high speed camera shutter to “freeze” the movement of the film when each frame is in the correct place. This provides a crisp, clean digital transfer of your precious film. Our equipment allows us to adapt the frame rate of the film, which means seamless and flicker free playback on Australian TVs.

One of the great things about the new and improved 2K camera is that it has a greater viewable area, which means it captures the entirety of the film, without cropping any of your footage out. This eliminates losing 10-20% of the footage like when using the old traditional projector. It doesn’t stop there, DiskBank’s 2k service allows the film to be captured in 16:9 aspect ratio, this means our 2k transfers offer the luxury of a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio, so the full film width accessible by the viewer.

Our new and improved 2K transfer service can be viewed on Blu-Ray supplied by us at DiskBank or alternatively as a lossless file in any preferred format (.avi. dv, mov etc). The great thing about this service is if you don’t have a blu ray player we can provide the footage on a USB which means it can be viewed via your laptop or computer.

DiskBank leads the pack in film/digital transfers and continues to grow to create the best result for our customers. Being able to watch old memories with family in the highest quality is a truly great feeling. It excites us knowing we are providing such a high quality film transfer. Visit or contact us today to let us preserve your footage in high quality 2k.