With so many people no longer having a DVD player, and the restrictions of definition associated with DVD there is a distinct advantage of distributing your next recorded performance on USB.

  • Storage isn’t an issue:

With the price of 8GB-32GB drives dropping constantly there is less need to compress the video to fit a standard DVD. Given that you can also include HD video files on a USB you’ll be giving out a much better final product.

  • They are printable:

All of our USB’s come with free printing, whether it be one of the smaller and cost effective plastic or aluminium units like the AL-13 or PL-4 with a simple printed logo, or something more striking like the BC-106 from our business card series that includes full colour digital printing front and back.

  • Video isn’t all you can load:

The beauty of USB’s is their versatility. There’s no limit to what you can load and we encourage our clients to include things on the drive like digitised version of the programme, posters and even profiles for their teachers and students. By taking advantage of the extra functionality a USB provides you’re also giving your audience a premium experience.

If you’re looking for a better distribution option for your next recorded performance get in touch with our friendly staff today to discuss the best custom USB option to suit your project!