Releasing a new EP or album is a big deal!

Many of our clients are looking for a new way of getting their music into the ears of their current and future fans and while CD’s are still an amazing and low cost way to do this it’s often a good idea to give people more for their money.

In this respect, the next big opportunity is releasing your album on a custom USB. This way you can provide not only your music but also videos, gig posters, lyrics and a whole lot of other extras to your listeners.

We can then print your USB (I personally recommend the BC-106 from our Business Card series as it can be printed in full colour digital like The Brown Study Band examples below) and preload your music and extras so that your fans get a much more interactive experience.

If you’re looking for a great way to promote your next album and want it to stand out get in touch to get a quote and design on your band’s custom USB today!