In today’s modern world, the ability to transport files and documents along with you is important in this technological world, which is why many companies have handed out promotional USBs for both their employees as well as their clients. USBs are highly useful and they are not only relevant to those in the IT industry, but to anyone using and transporting digital information. USBs are the most common and standard format used to transfer important information to devices such as digital cameras, printers, computers and other portable devices. Marketing experts consider flash drives to be one of the most effective ways to promote a business name and its line of products and services. Receiving a branded USB from a company makes a great impression as they are a generous gift, and a client would see and use them daily.

USBs lend themselves well to customisation. A business emblem or logo can either be either written or engraved directly on a flash drive. You can take it further by matching the colour of the flash drive and its packaging together with your colour scheme. What’s more is you’ll be able to select the form and size of the USB you wish to use. For instance, if you’re within the construction business, you’ll be able to have a tough hat-shaped USB created and customised to push your particular service. Our custom series is the best option if your business is looking to further your promotion with an exclusive USB line unique to your company.

Customised USBs are suitable promotional items for any industry and are used as an excellent marketing tool to make a lasting impression. Marketers can use personalised USBs to promote all types of services, whether it be in the education or entertainment sector. For example, a company could hand out our business card USBs as opposed to traditional paper USBs as this leaves a professional impression and will keep your company at the forefront of client’s minds, whenever they use their handy USBs. This idea can also introduce your company to other prospective clients when they see your company’s USB. USBs can also be used to distribute the work your company does, for example a photographer returning their work on a promotional USB.

Handing out customised USBs as promotional gifts  will leave an honest impression of your company on your prospective customers. Flash drives are additionally helpful compared to brochures and flyers that are made from  paper, as they’re seen as more valuable by clients. Once your customers receive a custom-made USB from you, they’ll appreciate the thought and energy you place into choosing a practical giveaway. Promotional USBs could be the edge for potential employees to choose to put trust and time into your brand as it gives off a professional and tasteful image. This serves as great brand awareness to your company as it distributes your name in physical form and will aid in forming positive relationships with clients.

Given that USBs are small pieces of technology, marketers often think that buying a whole bunch of them will cost a fortune. On the contrary, buying customised USBs in bulk is relatively cost-effective compared to alternatives.

DiskBank sells USBs at highly competitive prices with the best service and quality. Please refer to the DiskBank website to view our different styles and storage options. All DiskBank USBs include free custom logo printing, free Australia wide delivery and 10 Year Replacement Warranty. We also offer 10% free extra USBs on orders over 100 units. If you’re interested in furthering your business through our promotional USBs, feel free to contact DiskBank to discuss the best options for you.