Selecting a model for your custom decorated USB can be a difficult decision, given the vast range we have on offer.

There are many materials available that suit everyday use, like our plastic and aluminium ranges, however if you’re aiming to impress and provide something more than just practicality it’s worth considering a higher end material such as wood or metal.

With only a small difference in pricing it’s worth exploring how you can use these materials to better represent your brand and impress your clients.

Wooden USB’s:

Wood isn’t just an aesthetically pleasing option for your USB’s, it can also invoke emotions such as warmth and calm and convey associations to nature and individuality as each drive is unique.

By taking these subconscious qualities into account and choosing one of our sleek wood USB models, it’s possible to align your brand with those qualities and form a much stronger connection between them and your brand.

Wood is also an eco-friendly material so by incorporating sustainable products into your brand you can send a message to your clients that your company is environmentally aware.

We highly recommend our wooden USB range for brands wanting to convey their eco consciousness such as gardeners, landscapers, environmentalists or green businesses and also for those hoping to capture the warmth and uniqueness like photographers,

If you’re looking for something stylish, sturdy and sustainable check out our range of wood USB flash drives here.

Metal USB’s:

Our metal USB’s are also a great high-end option with their own set of attributes such as strength, durability, quality, craftsmanship and can invoke a sense of order.

With custom engraving or printing, we highly recommend our metal USB range to businesses in building, construction, law and mining. They are also perfect as high-end corporate gifts.

Hard wearing, long lasting and with a much higher perceived value to your clients, our metal USB range will help you stand out and showcase the quality of your brand.

If you’re looking for something strong, streamlined and that will make your clients feel highly valued view our full range of metal USB drives here.

Talk to an Expert:

If you’re looking to have your promotional USB’s say more about your business, it’s worth taking the material into account whether it be wood, metal or any of our other USB series. Give us a call or email today and one of our helpful experts will help find the best option for your brand!