What packaging options does DiskBank offer for CD/DVD?

DiskBank offers many different types of packaging options for CD and DVD and it is entirely up to the client to pick what option suits/ they most prefer and want to go ahead with.

All of our packaging options for both CD/DVD can be found on our website via the link. 

Where do I find artwork templates for my project?

All artwork templates can be found online on the DiskBank website, the templates are all different depending on what packaging / paper parts are required for the job. The templates also include a section of artwork requirements highlighting exactly what is required for print ready artwork. This also included the file types we need.

How can I get my files to my contact at DiskBank?

All files can also be uploaded on the DiskBank website through the upload section. We can also access files being sent to us via drop box or even we- transfer.

What file types are accepted for audio/video?

For audio we can use WAV or mp3 files but the most preferable file is a DDP file, this is so all the Meta data is included and ready for burning.

For video we can use mp4 but preferably we would require and ISO file to ensure all info is included and ready to be burnt onto the DVD.

In both cases we can also accept physical copies of the disc which we can then duplicate from.

How long will it take for my job to be complete?

Runs of 500 and below have a 3-5 day lead time and are referred to as short run jobs, these are done in Perth within our Jolimont location.

Anything over 500 is known as a long run job and has a lead time of 8-12 days. Long run jobs come from an off shore supplier of ours.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

DiskBank doesn’t have a minimum quantity we can provide, we can do from as little as 1 to how ever many is needed. It is important to understand that the more ordered the cheaper the unit price becomes.

How do I pay for my CD/DVD order?

Payments are required once the job is complete and either picked up or sent out. Payment can be made via bank transfer, over the phone with a card, or in our office once the job is picked up.

Can DiskBank supply my artwork and make graphic changes?

DiskBank can make minor artwork changes to help our clients at an hourly rate of $65, we are not a graphic design service though and prefer print ready art to be provided by our clients.