DiskBank offers solutions to production jobs of all different sizes, as well as various CD and DVD packaging options for each job. Whether a client places an order of five units, or an order of five thousand units, we are here to help our clients from start to finish.

We’ve written a quick guide to help you understand more about our processes and everything we need from you to get started.

Short Run:

Short run is the term we use at DiskBank for jobs of quantities of under five hundred units. These jobs are all done in-house at our Perth office in Jolimont. We have inkjet disc printers, paper printers and a data loading station where all of our CDs are burnt with the required content, whether it is in CD or DVD format. Our superstar Dan, the man behind all the printing and packaging takes pride in what he does and always gets a great quality product put together. Short run jobs usually have a 3-5 day turnaround time.

Long Run:

Long run is the term we use for jobs of quantities of five hundred units or more. These jobs are ordered from an offshore supplier. Long run jobs offer more product option choices, as they are produced by a larger manufacturing company.  All of these options can be viewed on the DiskBank website. The turnaround time for long run jobs is usually 8-12 days.


For both short and long run jobs, prices are quoted before production. The DiskBank website provides an online quick quote system, which allows you to enter the quantity needed as well as the specific packaging type you need for the job. The quote system them generates a price for you and sends this quote straight to your email address.

Additionally, DiskBank has full time staff members, who are in office 8.30am-5pm during the week, so phone calls are also an easy way to get a quote. We can provide prices over the phone, or send formal quotes to an email address provided. If there is any confusion with what DiskBank offers, or to find out how we can get a proposed job started, our friendly staff are more than happy to help to walk you through those processes.


For all of our CD/DVD packaging options and disc face printing services, we need our clients to provide print ready artworks so that we can get the job underway as soon as possible. All artwork templates can be found on the DiskBank website.

These artwork templates are downloadable PDF’s and can help guide you in the process of creating your artwork. The templates include full dimensions required for artwork as well as the necessary artwork requirements that will help you create print ready artworks. In case you get stuck, the DiskBank staff are just a phone call away from helping out with any questions that you may have. In the case you are really stuck, we can offer graphic design assistance at the cost of $65 per hour.

Master Files:

For all data loaded projects, we require that a client provides a master copy for us to duplicate files from. There are a few different file formats that we can accept to get the job underway:

  • DDP Files

DDP Files are a preferable way of providing your master file, as it ensures that all tracks, as well as the CD text and ISRC codes are secured into the zip folder.

  • A Physical CD

A physical CD is a perfect way of providing your master file. We can duplicate straight from your CD or rip the contents from the CD to send to our supplier for a long run job.

  • MP3/WAV Files

MP3 or WAV files are another way we can accept, check and then duplicate master files. This option comes with an authoring fee of $65.

How to Get Files to Us at DiskBank:

DiskBank has an upload service, which allows clients to upload all the necessary files to our server. This includes an area to fill out all your contact details, so we can reach out to you once we receive the files you have uploaded, either to let you know everything is good to go or to request some changes before we start.

For any questions on the DiskBank process, regarding artwork or master files, feel free to contact our friendly staff today. We can’t wait to hear from you!