Printed Business Cards have only 2 sides for the user to sell themselves, where as a business card CD/DVD the user has 40-185mb to load full of information, video, photo’s, hyperlinks, product samples – you name it. Which one would you chose?

Miniature and business card CD formats are relatively recent adaptations to the standard CD or DVD. These new generation business cards provide an innovative way of presenting an individual or company in a compact package, but also serve as an excellent promotional tool in today’s media saturated market. With a large capacity, entire sales presentation, company literature, catalogues and brochures can fit comfortably on a business card CD. They can be popped into a shirt pocket or wallet and definitely stand out from the traditional printed Business Card.

The main benefit of miniature and business card CDs is that it combines all the print media of your company literature, brochures, and catalogue onto one slick compact disc. Your clients will also have the ability to view your CD presentation at their own leisure, and be reminded of you and your services long after the meeting.

With capacity, miniature and business cards CDs are widely used for:

• Promotional Material
• Event launches
• Electronic Corporate Brochures
• Product Catalogues
• Annual Reports
• PowerPoint Presentations
• E-business cards
• Short movie demonstrations
• Promotional Videos

With miniature and business card CDs, leave a lot more than just your name and company details. By providing an interactive presentation of yourself and your company, it will aid in the promotion in many more ways than a standard printed business card ever could, and show your prospective client(s) that you are one step ahead of technology.