Standard Video Tape Transfers to DVD.

Whilst our flagship video transfers is our premium video transfer process, we also offer a stripped down standard transfer process.

How does this process work?

While our Premium Video Transfers include removal of blank sections, enhancements such as static and jitter removal where possible, our Standard Transfer is simply a direct to DVD recording using a standard DVD player and recorder.

What types of tapes does this work for?

Our Standard Transfer process is only suitable for VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm and MiniDV tapes.

Whats is the quality of the transfers like?

Because our standard transfers are completed on regular DVD recorders (not the professional grade equipment used in our premium transfers), the encoding is poorer in quality. Also because the outputted footage is recorded directly to DVD and not edited, there will always be blank sections and digital noise at the start and end of the recording. This can only be removed if the additional editing stage is used (only available in our premium transfers).

Who uses this service?

Mums and Dads, businesses and the corporate sector all use this service, usually for footage which is not particularly valuable or important. If you simply want to view the footage on DVD a few times, this option is fine. If your footage is valuable or irreplaceable, we recommend you use our premium transfer process.

Where is this offer available?

Both our Perth and Sydney offices provide this service in house (please see our Contact Page for details).