Comparison of HD and SD Film Transfers


High-Definition film transfers will not only provide an image 5 times the size of that of a standard-definition transfer, but also an increased contrast range. This means the colours on your film will look more vibrant and the picture will be clearer than an SD transfer.


Digital media is currently in a transition period between DVD (standard-definition) and Blu-Ray (high-definition). Soon, Blu-Ray will be the standard format for home viewing and DVD will become much less common. Our HD transfers go to Blu-Ray discs which means you won’t have to get your film transferred again in a few years just to stay up to date.


Another great advantage of HD transfers is they have the flexibility to go to DVD and Blu-Ray. Right now you may not have a Blu-Ray player, but you can transfer your film to Blu-Ray and have a downscaled version on DVD to watch now. SD transfers do not allow this flexibility,

Frame Size

Unfortunately, old home film projectors do not reveal the entire image contained in 8mm film. The edge of the image was sacrificed for easier production of the projectors and therefore you don’t see the whole picture.

With our standard-definition transfers, our enlarged film gate salvages some of this edge and allows more of the image to be seen than on a home film projector.

Now with our high-definition transfers, 100% of the image can be captured without the need of cropping any of the edge. This means you are finally able to view the entire picture.