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Do you have treasured memories recorded on VHS video tapes or 8mm/16mm film?

When was the last time you were able to take out your footage and enjoy it?

Chances are, it’s been quite some time! Most of us don’t have video cassette players or old film projectors just lying around the house. With no way to view your recordings, they’re most likely collecting dust in storage, and that’s not where your precious moments belong!

What’s more, as your footage gets older, the more it will naturally deteriorate, and soon your home videos may become completely unwatchable. So, let’s make sure your precious memories don’t fade away!

At DiskBank, we specialise in preserving old recordings. We seamlessly transfer the content from video tapes and film reels onto high quality DVD and Blu-Ray discs or into files. For a LIMITED TIME, we’re offering 20% off our transfer services!

Dig up your old home movies and let us bring them back to life just in time for Christmas. Give your family members the gift of memories in a format they can cherish forever.

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Digital Distribution with DiskBank

Digital Distribution with DiskBank

DiskBank are proud to announce that we can offer your music for sale and streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify,  and many other services.

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