Portability and storage are the two biggest issues for collecting and storing data. A hard drive is a great option, but many are not portable. The hard drives that are portable are too big to carry and need separate power supplies to function. This is not an option for busy professionals that need to transfer data quickly. The use of portable hard drives has created a new advertising solution for businesses. It is now easy to advertise a slogan, logo, or message on a promotional USB drive.

Benefits of Branded Promotional USB Drives

The use of a promotional USB drive for storage is a fast and economical solution for storing valuable data. In the past decade, USB drives have decreased to very small sizes. The drives are now manufactured into various shapes not previously available for portable storage devices. These new shapes and sizes can easily fit inside the pocket of a salesman or potential client. Promotional USB drives are easy to use for sales and marketing.

USB drives have now surpassed the CD and DVD for maximum storage space. A standard CD can hold 700 megabytes of data. A standard DVD will hold 4.7 gigabytes. However, the CD and DVD are not long-term options for storage due to the dye layers becoming scratched or smudged by fingerprints or dirt. A USB drive can store between 128 megabytes and 32 gigabytes. They cannot easily become dirty and are protected from scratching by custom plastic cases.

Promotional USB drives can be used instead of business cards. In the past, salesmen used business cards to pass along contact information to potential clients. However, the contact information was textual based. Modern salesmen are using promotional USB drives to deliver a virtual business card to their clients. Their logo or design is printed on the USB device. The device can hold images or video files that when inserted into the computer allow for a virtual card to be viewed or video presentations to be displayed.

A USB connection port is standard on almost all computers in the world. The data can be exchanged fast and easy without using complicated transfer software. As a promotional tool, the USB drives can be given to potential customers for reminder advertising. This method is a cost effective promotional tool that earns repeat business.

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