For all those looking for some fun in Perth, take a look into the live music that’s offered across the beautiful city. Catch a gig with friends or a partner, buy the bands CD and support live music in Perth.

Perth Live music Hot Spots

The live music scene in Perth is rapidly growing with various venues spread across the city with weekly gigs available for the public. From the very far north to the Deep South, live music is readily available for many different music lovers, whether you loves blues, hip hop or indie rock the Perth live music scene has you covered. With plenty of interesting venues across Perth, read further to find out some interesting info about the coolest places in town to catch a great set of local tunes.

The Rosemount hotel

The Rosemount hotel is located in the friendly suburb of North Perth, not far from Northbridge and the city centre of Perth. The Rosemount offers the perfect combination of beer garden vibes, with great food and tasty craft beers, accompanied by 2 stages in trendy rooms that create a personalized experience with the bands of the night. If you’re after some inspiring music over the weekend head down to The Rosemount and check out a showcase of incredible live music.


A truly iconic live music venue in Perth, located on the north side of Fremantle, Mojos. Mojos is a small venue which has showcased some of Australia’s greatest upcoming bands. Be prepared for a nice beer outback while competing in a game of pool, followed by returning inside to experience some local, live music. The sound at mojos is mind blowing, the venue creates such a personalized vibe and ensures everyone inside the place is enjoying the sounds of the live music. The Perth live music scene is forever grateful for this awesome venue and local bands love playing here.

The Bird

The Bird is a trendy little bar located on William Street in Northbridge. The bird offers intimate vibes outback with awesome lighting and a pumping stage inside that is a playground for the indie bands, DJ’s and hip hop artists of Perth. Grab yourself a tasty beer or a delicious cocktail, sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the Perth’s finest local artists. The bird is a great place to check out the Perth music scene, always quirky and always interesting.

The Perth music scene continues to grow, head out and dance the night away with friends or family. Buy a CD, support your local musicians and help them pursue their passion.