The sun is shining and you and your besties are ready to rock out at a music festival. Are you prepared though? It takes a lot of organising to be care-free on the day! Here are our essential tips so that you can have a great time knowing you’re prepared to rock out to your favourite bands. 


A music festival is no excuse to forget about basic hygiene. For the love of God and everyone else around you, please consider taking these items. All come in convenient travel sizes, so you won’t feel like you’re taking your whole bathroom with you. Also you can share the buying and carrying responsibilities with your mates, to ease your load:

  • Deodorant – no brainer
  • Hand sanitizer – because eww, why wouldn’t you?
  • Dry shampoo – if it’s a hot day, your hair can still be fresh as a daisy. Dry shampoo also ads in texture and volume, so you can maintain those festival waves all day
  • Wet ones – if it’s dusty or muddy, you’ll be very happy you brought these

Hot tip: Share these around with your group! Don’t carry all four in your bag, let each mate carry one so you can all have the best of both worlds – a light bag, and all the essentials.


I don’t want to sound like your mum or anything, but I promise you if you take these items, you’ll thank me!

  • Meeting point – this could possibly be the most important essential. Agree on a meeting point at the start of the day ie by the water re-fill station near the food trucks, because 10/10 your group will get separated
  • Phone charger pack – these are genuine life savers at festivals. Continue taking wicked snaps all day and not worry about your battery dying
  • Poncho – don’t let a sun shower stop you from dancing up a storm. They’re cheap and come in tiny packets which are easily stored in your bag
  • Zip lock bags – not only do they keep things together, they can also protect your stuff. Put your phone & portable charger in one and bankcards & cash in another
  • Cross body bag/backpack – keep both hands free to allow for maximum dancing ability
  • Sneakers/Flat shoes – you WILL regret heels

 Food & Drinks

Whilst there’ll be food available to buy, you don’t want to waste precious time lining up too often, so take snacks to keep your energy up

  • Snakes, gummie bears or jelly beans – for a quick energy boost
  • Nuts – if you want to be healthier
  • Muesli bars – don’t take too much room in your bag
  • Re-fillable water bottle – obvs stay hydrated and avoid festival-ruining headaches


Super important in Australia. Our Summers are hot and UV indexes are high, even on overcast days

  • Sunscreen – apply at home before you leave and regularly during the day
  • Hat – lucky it’s cool to wear hats at festivals! Go a safe option with a straw hat, or get into the festival vibes and find a quirky one
  • Sunglasses – protect your eyes from sunrays and dust

 Good times

These items are the fun ones. Just a couple of ideas to help improve your insta shots and to make mems with your mates

  • Selfie stick – whatever you think of them, better photos can be taken using one!
  • Fun jewelry – your squad could have a theme ie feathers, bright colours etc
  • Skin transfers – set off your look with elaborate skin transfers up your arms or on your face
  • Fun attitude – Festivals can get a bit much so make sure you take time out to sit down, enjoy the atmosphere and recharge the batteries. You’ll soon be ready to join in again
  • Be in the moment – if you’ve done all the preparation, you can relax and enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got it covered, whatever may happen!

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