If you’ve ever looked into promotional USB’s you’ll know that there are a finite number of designs available. They come in a lot of shapes, sizes and materials, but what happens when there’s not something that fits your brand or project? Surely creating a custom moulded USB drive is too hard of a process and must cost a fortune right?

So many of my clients approach the topic of Custom shaped USB’s with this kind of reticence, but the truth is that it’s a very simple process at a cost effective price when you consider the end result; a promotional USB product that fits your business and branding perfectly.

So how do I turn my idea into a custom USB?

Step one is deciding what you want your USB to look like. The possibilities in this respect are pretty much endless. Maybe you would like a 3D representation of your logo, or one of your fleet vehicles. A piece of industrial equipment, or a smaller retail item that you sell.

Once you’ve decided on the basis for your custom drive it’s time to send in images. As many images as you can from as many different angles as possible. The more detail in the object we’re looking to replicate in USB form the more photos or images we’ll need. Remember we want the finished product to look nearly identical to the original!

These images are then sent on to our manufacturing team who will use them to create an on screen 3D mock-up which we’ll provide for consideration. At this point we can still make changes to colour, design, size and overall layout and keep tweaking until it’s exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll create as many new on screen mock-ups as required using your feedback until we get it spot on (although our team are so good they usually get it on the first go).

Once the 3D design has been approved we’ll provide final pricing which is based on the overall complexity of the design as well as the quantity and memory size you are requiring. With a minimum run of 200 units and all the standard available memory sizes in both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 though there’s no limit.

As soon as you have approved the design and pricing we’ll move straight to creation of the production mould. This is made in 2 halves with PU Rubber injected inside to completely fill out the shape. The USB chips are then inserted and glued into place and each piece is quality checked before being dispatched.

All up the process only takes 4-6 weeks and costs only fractionally more than a normally branded promotional flash drive with the final product being a one of a kind style directly related to your brand.

If you would like to look into your own custom moulded USB’s and discuss design and pricing please get in touch today and we can turn your dream into a completely customised reality for your next promotion. Now is a good time to invest in this USB Model type due to the price of the US dollar, for more information read our blog on why now is a great time to buy.