Leather USB LT-360

It’s Leather. It’s Metal. It’s a gosh darn beautiful USB! With a handy attachment point to add a keyring or lanyard and the ability to both print or emboss the leather by choosing this USB you’re making a statement, and that statement is ‘I’m damn classy!’

As with all of our USB Flash drives pricing is fully inclusive of FREE logo printing (embossing also available on this model), FREE data preloading up to 8GB and FREE delivery to any Australian address. Available in the full range of standard memory sizes from 256MB to 64GB and with quantities as low as 50 units there’s an option to suit any project.

  • Free artwork mock-ups
  • 10 year replacement warranty
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • FREE logo printing
  • FREE data preloading up to 8GB
  • FREE delivery to any Australian address



Print Area




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