YouTube Private Channel Creation as an adjunct to linear corporate DVD distribution

Posted on 6th July 2016.

Competing Australian DVD replication businesses would be well advised to offer free video upload on private You Tube channels when completing DVD duplication consignments for their loyal corporate clients.

Obviously this would only be possible when the media being distributed is linear in nature and has an absence of interactivity such as a show reel, corporate film or auto run power point presentation. The advantages for such an offering are obvious. DVD’s are easily misplaced and a cheap back-up alternative provides peace of mind to the parent company and their respective clients, suppliers or employees.

You Tube accounts can be easily set up on behalf of the DVD replication clients. The businesses clients, suppliers and employee’s are then encouraged to complete the quick once off sign up process as you tube members. The company channel is then set up to only accept pre-approved members rather than the more commonly found publicly available channel option, so security is assured.

The only additional work the DVD replication business is required to do is to downsize the video master into a You Tube ready format and then split the video into 10 minute segments. The video segments could be entitled as follows to facilitate easy access to the film.

‘DVD Title – Market Segment’ Part 1
‘DVD Title – Promotion’ Part 2
‘DVD Title – Sales’ – Part 3
and so on….

The You Tube channel and sign up instructions are then sent as a link to the client, employee or supplier via email.

DVD duplication and replication business have nothing to fear from businesses switching exclusively to web delivered private channels. The advantages of a high quality, high definition, physical product with the associated DVD booklet are obvious when putting forward a compelling well rounded corporate message and as such we won’t see the last of DVD and Blu-ray in delivering linear corporate content for a while yet. However, if true broadband becomes a reality moving forward and flash can be incorporated into a high grade business edition of You Tube, the pieces of the chess board could begin to move.

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