WAM Song of the Year 2017 Winner

Posted on 18th May 2017.

The 2017 WAM Song of the Year saw local artist Sydnee Carter come away with the the coveted award. DiskBank are proud to again provide a 500 CD package for the winners.

Below is a complete list of the winners.


Sydnee Carter – When We Were Young – GRAND PRIZE

Nucleust – Of King & Tree – Heavy / Metal

Harry Mitchell – Ignacio – Jazz

The Brownley Gospel Singers – Outstanding Indigenous

Codee-Lee – Heart Is A Compass – Outstanding Regional

Sydnee Carter – When We Were Young – Pop

Rag N’ Bone – Pissy Flow – Punk / Hardcore

High Horse – Carbon Copy – Rock

Farraday’s Cage – Meaning of Life – Schools 14 and Under

Burdiya Mob – Djarliny – Schools 15-17

Macshane – Meant To Do – Urban / Hip Hop

Jere Sosa – Taste of Honey – World

Congratulations to everyone!

Want to know more about WAM Song of the Year – check it out HERE

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