High resolution slide, negative and photo scanning.

Our meticulous process will preserve your slides, negatives and photos for generations to come.

When was the last time you looked at your old photos and slides? Chances are they are packed away in boxes where they are hard to enjoy. Even worse than this, the images are gradually deteriorating with each year that passes.

Not only can our scanning and enhancement service bring your photo’s to life with colour correction, scratch removal and restoration, but it can make your photos a pleasure to share with friends and family through one of our motion slide shows.

Our digital scans are suitable for enlargements, reprints, long term archiving or just for conveniently enjoying right now.

Why choose DiskBank for your image transfers?

We cater for 35mm, 110 and 126 slides and 35mm and virtually all sizes negatives. Every slide transfer project we undertake includes the following features as standard:

How do I place my order?

Steps for ordering and completion of your job are as follows:

Whilst many of our clients are simply looking to preserve their memories for the future, why not consider creating a more interactive experience.

Premium DVD Slideshow

Once digitised, we can create our Premium DVD slideshow with your slides, negatives and photos enhanced to appear like they were filmed with a video camera. The effects include various zooms and, pan motion effects that give your DVD that special something.

Your DVD comes with a custom printed cover assembled into a case with custom printed slick.

Our slide, negative and photo scanning service is completed in house at our Perth office and available Australia wide.

Call us now on 1300 66 38 22 or email sales@diskbank.com.au for a free test scan or to discuss your project.

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