Film transfer process

We’ve been developing our film transfer process for over 25 years and are proud to offer our service to the public.

Our capture process is no simple procedure. Not only do we use the latest professional equipment and a proven procedure, but an experienced and passionate technician will spend a great deal of time and personalised care ensuring we get the best out of your films.

Our process is as follows

  • Your film is inspected for bad splices, bends, curling, emulsion breakdown, broken perforations. Necessary repairs are then carried out
  • Every foot of your film is treated with our specially imported anti static conditioning solution which cleans, lubricates and preserves your film. Please note, in some cases film arrives to us in near perfect condition. In these cases cleaning is pointless and we bypass the cleaning process to minimise handling of your films
  • Your film is scanned at low speed through an enlarged gate to ensure we capture every last millimetre of your footage
  • We capture your footage frame by frame with a high quality camera and then seamlessly compile it into a smooth, flicker free, accurate reproduction of your original footage
  • Our equipment utilises a high resolution camera, capable of capturing your film in SD, HD or even 2K for a clean, crisp and sharp digital replication
  • The now digital file is outputted to our professional edit suite where it is further enhanced and unwanted sections (white noise, black sections etc) of footage are removed
  • Your footage is outputted to your preferred medium: DVD, Blu-ray or digital file. Digital file is by far the most popular choice, giving you the freedom to make your own copies at home. Copies can be made for back up purposes and to give to friends and family. Feel free to bring in your own USB, HDD or SSD for your digital files, or you can purchase one of ours.
  • Most importantly, every job we undertake includes our uncompromising dedication to quality

Our transfer process include the following as standard:

  • Enlarged scan gate, outputting 100% of film frame
  • Colour and density correction where deemed necessary
  • Capture at maximum possible resolution
  • Super cool, bright LED light source for film scan eliminating hot spot and risk of burnt out frames
  • Sprocketless playback of film eliminating risk of damage to films perforations
  • Absolute flicker free playback of film
  • No jitter, blacked out or fuzzy edges around the perimeter
  • Ultimate rich, vibrant colours
  • Crystal clear focus during film capture
  • Brightness enhancement where possible
  • Removal of black, clear or unusable footage

Our frame by frame scanners are purposely built to ensure gentle treatment of your films. The cool, bright LED light source is totally safe, not exposing the film to the sort of harsh light that can cause accelerated damage to your film. It is important to note that this cannot be avoided with any projected or telecine capture method. Remember, if the film gets stuck, the film will burn through due to the excessive heat and those frames are then lost forever.

When supplying your film, if you have a preferred order, please number them accordingly so we can retain the correct order.

Our service is available for anybody – no job is too big or too small.