Slide restoration – convert your old slide images to high quality digital images

Posted on 6th August 2015.

Slide restoration

The use of slide film was a very popular hobby for amateur photographers. The ability to take photographs and project the images onto a large screen for viewing was an exciting experience. Before standard photographer prints could be developed publicly, slides were an alternative option to expensive film processing. The slide film was easy to use and catalogue for future projected use. The inception of home video cameras decreased the use of slide photography and many people are now left with large boxes of unused slides sitting and collecting dust.

In storage, slide film is exposed to dirt and mildew. This can damage the slide film and it cannot be correctly projected or used. The slide film was not meant to be a permanent archival solution for photographs. In the digital age, many consumers want to incorporate their old slide film images into their digital media players and portable devices for easy access and sharing with their families.

Benefits of Slide Restoration and Transfer to DVD

A DVD will not degrade over time like emulsion film. They are designed to store large amounts of data and have an archival life of 100 years. A DVD is easy to carry and can be used in any standard DVD player. There is no need to have a separate slide projector, screen, or other display equipment. The DVD can be easily projected through any modern television.

Slide transfers can be examined and cleaned before archiving onto a DVD. This ensures that your slide can be saved and the original colour reproduction will be preserved. Dust and dirt become packed into the scrapes and scratches and it affects the slide image quality. After a professional cleaning, the images can be colour corrected, resized, and sharpened for maximum photo quality when scanned and transferred to DVD.

Slide transfers are scanned and catalogued for permanent storage on a DVD disk. These images can be exported to any popular digital media player, device, or personal computer. A photo slide show can be created similar to a standard slide projection and include new digital features. You can add your favourite music and the images can be animated with zooms and pans or animated transition effects. Additional copies of the DVD can be produced easily to give to family and friends.

Slide restoration and transfer to DVD by DiskBank. Australia’s largest and most trusted source for slide restoration and film to DVD transfers.

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