Memory card recovery

Posted on 6th August 2015.

Having just lost a digital camera filled with photos on an overseas trip, I understand the panic of realising you’ve lost irreplaceable memories that can never be recovered. While the camera in question was just a compact digital worth just a few hundred dollars, I keep remembering the shots that I’ve taken that are now lost. It’s crazy at the time, the seemed like no big deal, but I’d easily pay the cost of the camera to have just the 100 or so pictures on the camera back.

While I’m not that hopeful that the camera will find its way back to me (Yorkshire is a long way from Perth, Australia), you can rest in the knowledge that DiskBank offer an unrivalled memory card restoration service if you ever accidentally deleted, formatted otherwise lost anything from a memory card.

We cater for almost any format including compact flash, MemoryStick, SD, MicroDrive, MicroSD, MiniSD, MMC, SDHC, SmartMedia, USB thumb drives and XD.

Whilst we don’t guarantee a result every time, our success rate is very high when there is no physical damage to the storage if you’re unlucky enough to crack, smash or drop your memory stick in the ocean (more extreme situations like this can sometimes be fixed however the cost is significantly higher).

Life is a series of moments. Some are best forgotten, but the good ones that we are lucky enough to capture on camera should be cherished. DiskBank’s memory card recovery service means that you don’t need to settle for lost photos anymore.

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