Fingerprint USB Drive Secure Storage from DiskBank

Posted on 6th March 2016.

With our increasingly mobile lifestyle, USB storage Drives are fast becoming an essential and convenient accessory. With their small size and portability comes the increased risk of loss or theft, a fact which is unfortunately becoming more common. It’s a daily occurrence for personal files, company documents and school assignments to inadvertently end up in someone else hands due to a misplaced USB drive.

Enter the Fingerprint USB Drive, a perfect combination of moveable memory and identification technology. With the rapidly increasing capacity of standard USB Drives, the Fingerprint USB Drive is playing a more vital role in security conscious data storage.

Fingerprint USB Drive

The clever Fingerprint USB Drive has a built in fingerprint identifying sensor which eliminates the need for remembering passwords.

With a useful life of more than 1 million uses and finger verifying time of less than 1 second, these new generation USB Drives ‘plug and play’ just like a standard USB drive and require no external power supply and supports.

The FingerPrint USB Drives comes with software which offers extended functions for the user.

After installing the software contained on the CD, the user is able to:
1. Use their own finger print to log in to Windows.
2. Encrypt files or folders making these available once the user’s fingerprint has been recognised.
3. Use their FingerPrint USB Drive to lock their screensaver. Once the computer’s screensaver is activated, the user must authenticate their fingerprint before unlocking the computer.

The FingerPrint USB Drive is a great accessory for companies as it can register up to 10 fingerprints meaning individual employees are able to discretely store their own private files or folders on the drive. With 11 supportive languages, incredible utility and security, the FingerPrint USB Drive is fast becoming the secure storage solution.

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