Eco Friendly DVD Alternative

Posted on 6th August 2015.

DiskBank have been offering recycled CD and DVD packaging for almost a decade now – nothing new there. Soy inks, vegetable inks and recycled paper stocks have been the norm for many years now and should always be offered as an option when you produce your CD or DVD sets.

Something that we’ve recently introduced however which is already showing increased popularity is the Eco friendly slimdisc.

Made from the same pure polycarbonates that we use for all of our discs (this is one area that recycling can have a negative impact as low grade PC leads to more wastage and a much greater failure rate), slimdiscs are half the thickness of standard DVDs and use around 50-60% of the materials.

Weight is also reduced (by around 40%) leading to a massive drop in air freight costs – a huge energy saving and an environmental tick.

There isn’t much the slimdisc can’t do however we do recommend it be used as a marketing product rather than a replacement for the standard DVD. A warning must be printed on all slim discs explaining that the disc may not play in all drives, also a standard DVD logo cannot be placed on any related packaging or disc printing.

Aside from this, if your looking for an eye catching alternative to the standard DVD (the highly flexible slimdisc definitely carries the wow factor!) at a reduced price, this might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

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