Credit Card USB drives

Posted on 6th July 2016.

This week I spied my first business card USB drive sample. What a product! Unlike the some what unsightly CD & DVD business cards which never really looked like a business card because of the gaping whole in the centre and the rounded edges. The USB business card finally delivers on the idea of any interactive business card data storage solution.
What are the features that impressed me?

1. Same size as a standard business card.
2. Light weight and only 3mm thick.
3. Durable and eye catching.
4. The swivel mechanism means that the drive is a complete rectangle prior to use.
5. Capacity extends from 64MB to a whopping 16GB (3 ½ DVD Movies).
6. High quality photographic printing quality available on one or both sides.
7. Pricing is only an additional 60c per side for printing on the surface of the card on top of a typical USB drive representing excellent value for money.

Prices on USB flash drives are falling all the time. My prediction is this product will be hot property in the coming year particularly for the executive keen to make an impression on his or her valuable clients.

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