Archiving your videos and films

Posted on 6th December 2015.

As one of Australia leading film and video transfer facilities, we receive requests from customers to convert their pricelist video and film footage to DVD on a daily basis.

Whilst we have no problem offering this service and will continue to do so, we offer one important disclaimer.

As technology progresses, please consider that the limitations of DVDs SD resolution will be considered obsolete in the near future. The thought of spending large sums of money for one of our frame by frame film transfers or a meticulous video tape transfer, only to have the footage compressed down to DVDs limitations seems nothing short of a wasted opportunity.

Yes, accept that DVD transfer for convenient viewing, but future proof the footage with uncompressed .avi, .mov or dv files so not only can you archive the maximum resolution but use these files for your own editing in the future.

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