Adwords (Pay Per Click or PPC)

The key to instantly ranking in first position in Google is simple – Adwords

Let’s face it, sometimes you don’t have the time to wait 3 months or more while those cleverly devised search engine optimisation techniques gradually get recognised by the search engines and start to direct free, organic traffic to your website.

You need traffic now – the phone ringing, emails flooding your inbox, people knocking down your door to buy your products or services! Ok, well maybe a bit farfetched, but sounds great right?

Adwords (or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as it is more broadly referred), is the process of paying Google, Yahoo, Live etc a fee each time someone clicks on one of your advertisements (usually located at the top and right hand column of the Google search results).

The process is simple, select the key words you want to pay for, write a brief ad that best represents them and tell Google how much you’re willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Based on how your bid compares to your competitors, Google etc will rank your ad accordingly, up until the point that your daily budget is reached.

Sounds simple right? Time to set that campaign up and the sales will start ticking over? Well the answer is yes….but actually, more no.

The hazards are great with Google Adwords. While you can have a campaign up and running in minutes, there is a vast array of pitfalls to avoid if you want to avoid paying too much for those clicks. With years of Adwords experience, we can guide you into a winning position with Adwords.

Keys to Adwords Success

1. Target only the right keywords. It’s not hard to get clicks to your website, just put ads out for every word even vaguely related to your product or service. Set your budget high enough, and people will flood into your site, hundreds, even thousands of prospective new customers. The downside is, the majority will flow right back out again as soon as the realise what you’re offering isn’t exactly what they are after. to make your Adwords campaign, you need to only target those exact keywords that will most likely convert to sales.

2. Don’t bid too much for your keywords. Making an adwords campaign profitable can be challenging, especially when you’re paying $5 or even more for each click. There are many tricks to keeping your cost per click (CPC) low. Let us show you how.

3. Use Negative Keywords. One of the most useful Adwords tools is the Negative Keywords feature. We strongly advise setting up a comprehensive list of words you don’t want to trigger your ad. This is a great way to minimize the number of “bad clicks” you receive. An example would be including the word “free” as a negative key word so that whenever this word is entered in a search it won’t trigger your ad and potentially cost a wasted click (presuming your product is not free).

4. Regularly split test your ads. It’s important to update and “split test” your ads to find the one that performs the best and results in the most quality clicks possible.

5. Take advantage of targeted Ad Groups. The more specifically you can narrow your products and services down, the cheaper and more effective your clicks will be. We strongly recommend continually breaking your ad groups down into more specific clusters.

6. Use geographic targeting If your product or service specifically relates to a particular area, limit the areas where the ad shows. For example, if you offer a painting service to the Perth metropolitan area, you are wasting your money advertising in Sydney.

7. Schedule your ads to run only at relevant times. Think about what time you can best reach your target market. Is there are a need to run your ads into the wee small hours?

8. Constantly monitor and adjust your campaign. It’s impossible to get your campaign right up front, no matter how well you know the adwords system, it’s going to take months of regular evaluation to hone it into a certified money spinner.

Website Development

The premise behind effective SEO is that the best, most useful and relevant websites are the ones that people want to find easily. The major search engines are constantly striving to deliver results that best reflect the users search.

It goes without saying that this outcome flows out of a well designed and easy to use website.

For more information on what we offer please visit our website development page.

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